The Spiral into the skin

by Caroline Proust

For the last 15 years, I have lived for, with and in the French series “The Spiral”, aired on Canal Plus. I played a central character, Laure Berthaud, a judicial police captain. Actors, but also directors, scriptwriters, “technical” advisers, i.e. judges, prosecutors, lawyers, police officers, accompanied me in my work as an actress, nurturing by their testimonies the truth of the actor I’m trying to embody at every instant.

« The Spiral » is a dark series, it represents the most violent conflicts our society is able to produce, showing how police, justice and law are set in motion and try to regain control over the mess. It is a series that stirs up a lot, viewers and actors alike. Playing Laure Berthaud has deeply moved me, just as my fellow actors.
In this documentary, I ask my fellow travellers, the heroes of « The Spiral », to testify to our common progress during this exceptional adventure that we have been given to live. They are my colleagues, and for some of them my friends.

The time has passed by since the first episode of The Spiral, which was called “Intrigues au Palais” at the time. We can say that we have lived in parallel, during the time of this series, fifteen years of our life as actors and as citizens.

We have played with as much truth as possible those emblematic characters in exceptional situations.

With this film, I would like to pay a tribute to this huge enterprise where we never gave up on quality, thanks to the unlimited investment of each of its participants.

Caroline Proust, july 2020

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